Frame Mouldings

We source our Natural Wood Picture Frame Mouldings from the Uk's leading ethical suppliers, firms like Arqadia, D and J Simons, Nielsen, Ashworth and Thompson, Rose and Holis, Frinton, Lion and Wessex.

Our Aluminum Picture Frame Mouldings are also supplied by some of the above same suppliers.

Natural Wood Picture Frame Mouldings these days are mainly; Pine, Ash, Oak, Beech, Obeche, Cherry,Walnut and Teak. All Natural Wood Picture Frame Mouldings are unfinished and may be used as is or we can stain and wax, paint and even distress (make look older, not you, the moulding) to your exact specification.

Finished Picture Frame Mouldings come in an incredible number of styles, shapes and finishes, everything from plain and simple, through to veneers and high gloss varnishes and polishes, limed woods and of course Gold and Silver Leaf hand gilded frames.

Just a sample of the huge range available, samples provided free with no obligation to have a frame made!!!

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